Friday, August 20, 2010

Fresh Beginnings.

I officially created this blog months ago as an outlet for my whirring thoughts, however time got the best of me, as it usually does, and this blog went by the wayside. I have since been on the path of change and my life has altered greatly. I no longer reside in sunny Florida, I am now experiencing the Windy City, and boy is it lovely up here.

Let me note that this is my very first time living alone in a non-dormitory situation. This is my very own apartment (with roommates of course) but it comes with many apartment-al (apart-mental) duties! And I for one am sick and tired of it!

I would like to share my problematic situations with all who will listen. Being an actual person is hard.
(For clarification, I, personally, do not consider those still under the umbrella of their parents actual humans, yet... only once they reach the stage where they must deal with the cable guy and go to the dentist without brute force, will they be considered human.)

Here are my complains of this new found adulthood...

Firstly, who the heck invented maintenance request forms and then decided to not bother to look at them? I have had a leaky faucet and renegade shower head for almost a week now. I filled out my service request... sent it in electronically as requested, and no one, not one single person in this whole building, is aware of my plumbing predicament. So today when my darling roommate's maintenance request was attended to hours after she made it, I asked the man about my plumbing pickle. And he said, "Yep that sure is a leaky faucet, and that sure is a crazy shower head... it's good that these are still under warranty!" And I was absolutely bewildered! Still under warranty?! I would hope so! I moved in a week ago! And then he said something about sending a plumber... he left, locked my door behind him with his fancy all-purpose key, and I never saw him, nor the plumber again.

And for my next complaint! CABLE AND INTERNET. Two extremely important pieces of life in this day and age. They have been working perfectly well these past few days here in my brand new apartment... but yesterday, after I go to Best Buy twice to find the perfect piece of equipment to set up my television screen as a monitor I come home to no internet. So I make lunch and decide to sit down and watch the Tyra show since I knew it'd be on right now... unfortunately, it wasn't. In fact nothing was on. Merely a black screen, of doom, might I add. Internet and cable down... must be all connected. So I take a nap. And expect when I wake up my cable and internet to be fully functioning. Oh was I wrong... 5 hours after the initial discovery, I decide to go to my wonderful leasing office and say "HEY!" Well she basically said that the building sold themselves out to AT&T so she could do nothing, but gave me the number of a Mr. Rob Williams, a vague name if I've ever heard one. So I called this Rob fellow and told him my problem. He said that he'd be in the building tomorrow and he'd come fix it! My hero! So he came, today being the tomorrow he referred to yesterday, and tried with all his might to fix my poor tubes. But he didn't fix it. He needed an actual technician to come fix it. And he didn't know when that would be, much like my plumber friend. Very mysterious these workmen are... so he left, and never returned. I currently am still without cable or internet, but luckily know how to mooch extremely well... Thank you Room 210, 203, and 205 for lending your internet.....

My third and final complaint, for today, is about cereal. An extremely beneficial part of the waking hours! I come all the way to Chicago, risking my sanity and well-being all for a bright future, and I'm beginning to realize that perhaps this risk was far to great for me to conquer. My local grocery store, a Dominick's, which I am sure is smiting me for my mother's wrongdoings in the past, does not carry the one and only cereal I truly enjoy 100% of the time, Oh's. And I know for a fact that it can be found in the Chicagoland area, for I had eaten it in my youth, growing up in the suburbs! Oh suburbia, how you have spoiled me. And oh Dominick's for chastising me for my mother's pilfering. I will find you, my precious cereal... and I will consume you... even if I have to purchase you in bulk off!

Until next time my dear friend,
The Neurot